"94 Hours" is a song from metalcore band, As I Lay Dying, a single taken from their second album, Frail Words Collapse.


The lyrics seem to be about the consequences of forsaking a relationship. ("94 hours of regret for me to realize what I held...I held its innocence within my heart"). They emphasize the feeling of regret and pain that comes as a result of a few moments of pleasure ("The pain of a moment's time will forever beg Your forgiveness")."Your" is capitalized indicating a possible reference to God. This also seems to be a recurrent theme throughout the entire album, along with other subjects dealing with the fleeting nature of earthly pleasures.


There is a music video released for the song, which is very performance-driven with little storyline. The story scenes mostly show a couple kissing, then showing what could be regret or uncertainty. The video ends with a scene in which the couple are lying in bed together. This could be an allusion to the foolishness of sexual impurity, although the true meaning is not known. The lyrics hint at this meaning with the line "I held the unfading beauty, I held your innocence".

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